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Manufacturer of Cascadia Clip – a highly innovative, low-conductivity fiberglass material that reduces thermal bridging. The Cascadia Clip® is our solution to ever-increasing code performance requirements for opaque wall assemblies. If you can't meet code with traditional cladding attachment systems, then the Cascadia Clip® might be the answer for you!


Cascadia Clips come in 8 sizes, offering you cladding attachment solutions for up to 8" of thermal-bridging-free exterior insulation.

2"   |   2.5"   |   3"   |   3.5"   |   4"   |   5"   |   6"   |   8"


The Cascadia Clip is a solution to the issue of thermal bridging through exterior insulated wall assemblies, and is the best clip on the market for addressing all the issues most often associated with cladding attachment systems:

  • Superior thermal performance

  • High structural strength

  • Safety in the event of a fire

  • Adjustability to deal with uneven wall substrates

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